Mesh Dental Network – A Strategic Partnership

Why Choose Mesh?

Mesh delivers better value, a better working environment and higher net proceeds by putting dentists first. Gain the support and services you need to achieve the growth you want and the time you need to focus on delivering excellent patient care. Our unique minority partner investment program is transforming the dental support services model by allowing you to maintain majority ownership and management of your practice while receiving the majority upside benefit of a capital event.

Retain Majority Interest
& Management Control

Mesh’s partnership investment in a practice is typically 30%, allowing the doctor to retain 70% of the equity. The doctor retains control of their practice, while Mesh aligns interests alongside of the doctor to optimize profitability without diminishing the doctor’s leadership, established culture, and team camaraderie.

Optimize the Valuation
of Your Dental Practice

Partner practices in the Mesh network can expect to receive 2-3 times more financial return from their practice than they would with a traditional DSO. Mesh’s minority investment in the practice enables the doctor to retain the majority of equity ownership of the practice, and consequently the majority of the upside in any capital event.

Retain Amortization & Depreciation
Tax Benefits

Mesh’s proprietary investment model allows the doctor to retain 100% of the tax benefits that accrue to the practice for the duration of the partnership. That means that the doctor receives all of the benefit of business tax deductions and credits each and every year without having to divide them among the partnership. That amounts to a substantial financial benefit to our partner doctors.

Defer Capital Gains Until
the Next Capital Event

When Mesh invests in the practice, the investment is structured so that 100% of the proceeds go directly to the doctor and defers the capital gains tax until the next capital event.

Customized Transition
With Succession Planning

The well-being and financial security of Mesh’s Doctor Partners is paramount. With Mesh’s strategic succession planning, the unexpected departure of an owner/partner will result in a transition where assured leadership provides peace of mind for the family and employees, effective management expertise to sustain business continuity, and seamless succession implementation to secure the practice’s future and retain maximum value of the practice for the doctor’s estate.

Majority Financial Gain
From A Capital Event

Mesh’s doctor-centric partnership model puts the doctor first. Our investment program has been developed to build wealth for the principal doctor, providing both an initial capital infusion at closing and a significant capital event in 36 –60 months at a much higher multiple. Unlike traditional DSO’s, Mesh invests with the doctor in a minority position, so the doctor retains the majority of the proceeds from that capital event. The Doctor Partner also receives higher distributions along the way to the next capital event because the doctor retains material/majority ownership.